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3505 Boca Chica Suite 141 Brownsville, TX 78251
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Email: JBaeza@familiesespecial.org Website: http://familiesespecial.com
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Our Mission
In alliance with the local church, we provide homes and services, strategies and resources to meet the needs of child and family welfare in local communities. Our services include Foster Care, Adoption, and Child Sex-trafficking recovery, while also providing engagement strategies and equipping resources for churches who wish to develop a holistic culture of care to vulnerable children and families.
Our Vision
ALL IN Families Especial is a non-profit organization committed to fostering encouragement for all families. We bring a community of churches and families together who wish to provide homes, hope and heritage for vulnerable children in foster care and families in crisis. Strengthening ALL families for the well being of children is our primary purpose. The ministry we do together enables Christ in us to meet the needs of those around us.
Our Values
We value personally and professionally that which God requires. (Micah 6:8) Act Justly — Do what is right, truthful, and lawful, and defend others in their vulnerability Love Mercy — Demonstrate impartial giving, forgiveness, and love which extends hope and opportunity Walk Humbly — Desire to know God, walk according to His ways, and make Him known